P5 Desktop LTO Edition


P5 Backup & P5 Archive up to two LTO tape drives -

Professional data management for small workgroups



All the power of P5 Archive & Backup for users with up to two LTO drives

Compatible with one or two LTO tape drives from mLogic, Overland-Tandberg, MagStor, IBM, Quantum, HPE, SYMPLY & others.

Archiware P5 is available in a special P5 Desktop LTO Edition for use with two LTO tape drives.
Automatic Backups and long-term Archive on LTO, store production data and protect for the long-term. Now both are available in this special license bundle.

Profit from proven longevity and affordability of LTO media. Extremely easy archiving and backup with P5.

P5 Archive Benefits

  • ‘Mini-MAM’ via browsable off-line catalog
  • Thumbnails and proxies
  • Powerful search
  • Customizable metatada fields
  • Import/export using LTFS tape format
  • All in a browser interface

€1,420 - saving* €1,650  

$1,988 - saving* $2,310

£1,220 - saving* £2,250

* saving over cost of expandable P5 Backup & Archive modules.

The feature set of P5 Backup and P5 Archive is not limited in the P5 Desktop Edition. 

The P5 Desktop Edition license bundle includes two media drive licenses for a single host computer to back up and archive to two LTO tape drives. Non-expandable license. Including one year of maintenance & support. 

Cost of Tape vs. Disk RAID