Long-Term Data Protection with LTO Tape

LTO tape is a standard used by big industries like insurance & finance, research, education, film and broadcasters around the globe. It offers unique security, durability and shelf life. Backup, as well as Archive to LTO tape are solid steps to protect data. OWC's Mercury Pro LTO-8 is a Thunderbolt 3 drive offering efficient LTO use on the desktop. Archiware P5 makes it easy to protect ongoing production with P5 Backup and finalised files with P5 Archive. The integration with Mercury Pro LTO provides a powerful solution for data protection.

Advantages of LTO Tape

  • 12 TB native capacity
  • 360MB/s read/write speed
  • Best price per capacity ratio
  • 30-year shelf life
  • Multiple security layers: Read-after-write, error correction and auto-speed
  • Air gap for maximum protection against cyberattacks
  • Easy offsite storage
  • LTFS universal compatibility (read/write vendor independent)

OWC's Mercury Pro LTO enables seamless data archiving and backup to LTO-8 tape technology. The easy integration with tape backup or archiving software provides maximum security an accessibility. Moving and retrieving files is simple with a drag-and-drop option. The small build and handle make the Mercury Pro LTO allow easy portability for on-set production and shared data protection.

Archiware P5 Archive simplifies installation and use of LTO tape. A wizard helps setting it up in minutes. LTO drives and libraries are automatically configured. An individual metadata schema can be configured to support a particular workflow. Finding files with P5 Archive is easy. Archived footage, media, digitised film, photos or production related files can be browsed visually. Combined search profits from customisable metadata fields.

A Powerful Archive Solution

Combined with P5 Archive, the solution with OWC Mercury Pro LTO is an easy-to-use, robust and scalable solution. Access and configuration via browser make it flexible and offer insight from anywhere. 

The traditional way to keep video tapes was 1 Tape = 1 Production. With P5 Archive, this is only one way to build a digital production archive system. For maximum efficiency, the tape capacity can be fully used and files spanned across tapes. 

Segmented Archives with pre-defined entry points can be configured for different user groups. P5 offers manual or automatic drop folder Archiving. Unlimited tapes can be written using the P5 Archive license. Tape libraries of almost any size and with multiple drives are supported. P5 Archive can be combined with P5 Synchronize, Backup and Backup2Go.

Benefits of P5 Backup & P5 Archive

•  Installs and runs in minutes
•  Browser interface
•  Thumbnails and proxy clips of media
•  Customisable metadata fields and menus
•  Archive, Backup and Cloning/replication in one solution
•  Supports Disk, Tape and Cloud storage for Backup & Archive
•  macOS/Win, Linux, QNAP, FreeNAS/EasyNAS
•  LTFS support including spanning and tape libraries
•  Write unlimited number of tapes

Benefits of OWC Mercury Pro LTO

•  LTO-8 drive with 12TB capacity and 360MB/s read/write
•  Expansion Bay 2,5/3,5 inch for SSD/disk
•  Second Thunderbolt 3 port
•  Connector for Display
•  85W notebook charging
•  OWC ClingOn to secure TB cable connection to Mercury Pro LTO

Archiving in P5 Volume and LTFS Volume Format

Archiware's cross-platform LTFS driver that brings features and convenience not seen before with LTFS software products. This new approach removes the need for the open-source 'FUSE' software used by competitive products, allowing direct control of the tape media, while maintaining full ISO/IEC compatibility.

LTFS formatted LTO tapes are now supported by the P5 Archive module. Users wishing to archive data to tape, with full indexing, searching, thumbnail generation and meta-data ingest, can now choose between two different tape formats: