A Really Simple LTO Solution – UNITEX USB LTO drive LT90H USB

Among the numerous available LTO drive solutions, UNITEX stands out as the only company offering an LTO drive with a dual SAS and USB interface. This offers easily accessible solutions that have not been possible before.

Benefits of the Solution

  • Browser interface
  • Thumbnails and proxy clips
  • Customisable metadata fields and menus
  • Scales to PB and billions of files
  • LTO drive with a dual SAS and USB interface 

  • Immediate availability 

  • Maximum speed of up to 300MB/s for read/write

  • Simple backup & archive to Synology or QNAP NAS

Archive as a Single Source of Truth

Archiving is a migration of files. Archiving files that are no longer in use, have been finalized and/or handed over to a client can save considerable amounts of storage space.

Since production storage is the costliest storage in the workflow, this can result in saving relevant investment in storage expansion, while keeping the file count on the production storage in a reasonable range. Having an archive as a “single source of truth” that contains all finalized files brings huge benefits and opportunities.

Whether the challenge is archiving TBs of footage, images, other media or files, Archiware P5 and the UNITEX drives present a powerful, yet easy-to-use solution. Many setups can profit from the USB interface to LTO tape.

UNITEX & Synology NAS

UNITEX LTO drives with USB interface offer solutions to Backup and to archive to LTO tape from Synology NAS systems where no SAS port for other LTO drives is available. Since Archiware P5 is available in the app center of Synology, this solution is extremely simple and accessible.


Similarly, with NAS systems of QNAP where only a limited number of products offer SAS options can now Backup and archive to LTO tape. Now all professional QNAP NAS systems can archive to LTO tape using the built-in USB port.

UNITEX & Archiware P5

Archiware's P5 Archive catalogs and preserves files for the long term. MAM-like features of P5 Archive include generating thumbnails of still images, proxy clips of video files and customizable metadata fields and menus.

Combined searching makes it easy to find files even years after they have been created. A consistent archive offers easy monetization and referencing of already existing files and media.

The UNITEX LTO USB drive offers also flexible solutions where no SAS or FC port might be available. Almost any computer can serve as a P5 server now for P5 Backup and P5 Archive to LTO tape.

LTO tape is the professional storage medium with the most proven track record. With a readability of 30 years it has a long-term focus. The price point of below 10 USD/EUR per TB  is unmatched.

The UNITEX LTO drive is immediately available when connected via USB. No drivers are necessary. With a maximum speed of up to 300MB/s read/write, the UNITEX USB LTO drive offers a powerful Backup and Archive to LTO tape solution. Combined with Archiware's P5 Desktop LTO Edition license both P5 Backup and P5 Archive provide maximum protection for ongoing production as well as for finalized files and long-term storage.