P5 Archive, P5 Backup and P5 Synchronize work with mLogic to secure amazing outdoor and action footage on set and in the studio

 As a sought-after independent producer, Anton Nelson works for clients like The North Face, Red Bull, and the Extreme Sports Company, among many others. He often captures athletes in extremely challenging environments, creating unique footage. Under his brand AHTOH, he creates outstanding productions in the highest quality available. 

Due to large file sizes of his 8k productions, manually storing his clips on single hard drives became cumbersome and risky. Searching for files took too long and the lifespan of the hard drives was limited. This was when he started looking for a comprehensive Archive solution.

Anton decided to go with P5 Archive and an LTO tape drive by mLogic. Ease of use, MAM-like features, easy connection through Thunderbolt, scalability and long-term protection where the key points for his decision.

" Moving to LTO tape and the flexible P5 Archive platform has improved my workflow and halved my storage expenditure. Now finding a file from a previous production is really easy and provides an additional revenue stream for me. "

Anton now uses the P5 Archive catalog to browse all completed productions using thumbnails and proxies. When searching, he can use the customised metadata fields to find specific files and formats. Selected metadata from his RED RAW files are automatically included in the catalog to allow precise searches. Many productions bring with them material that offers the opportunity for later licensing and monetisation. Therefore, finding any clip among completed productions is not only helpful, but critical.

The RAW files are archived to LTO tape with one copy being stored off-site for maximum security. All production data is secured automatically using P5 Backup, increasing the data security tremendously.

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