Simplify Archival and Retrieval of Files

Archiving is the best method to create space on high-performance storage. It keeps all important data accessible in one place and reduces the risk of data loss, while avoiding the inconvenience and cost of constantly increasing storage. But many archive solutions are difficult to configure and maintain, forcing organizations to spend more on resources than what is saved in storage costs. Not so with the Archiware and Quantum solution.

Solution Profile

  • One Solution for all Platforms
  • Simple user restore
  • Long-term storage, certified for 30 years
  • Parallelization for speed and scalability
  • Browse media with previews/proxies
  • Search metadata in configurable catalogue
  • Cloning for maximum security, off-site storage
  • Combine with P5 Backup for daily server backup
  • Lowest cost $ per TB
  • Non-disruptive capacity growth

Quantum Scalar and Archiware P5

Getting started is a snap with step-by-step configuration wizards guiding you for both the Archiware P5 Archive software and the Quantum Scalar® tape library. And ongoing operations are also easy, as content can be automatically scheduled for archive or can be performed on-demand via watch folders using your web browser.

The Quantum iLayer™ management software, embedded in the Scalar i3 and i6 tape libraries, is proven to reduce management time and service calls by over 50 % each. And file restoration is so easy with P5 Archive that users can retrieve their own content without involving the system administrator.

Special Capabilities for Media and Production Archive

P5 Archive provides mini-MAM capabilities that make the combined solution particularly beneficial for video and graphics production environments. Previews and proxies in P5 Archive help administrators quickly identify content for retrieval. Metadata can be added to enable quick searches.

A number of media asset management systems – 
such as Cantemo, CatDV, FocalPoint Server, and eMAM – have integrated with P5 Archive, providing finer granularity of archival and retrieval on a project or sequence basis. Additionally, Archiware P5 Archive can archive content created on Quantum’s StorNext® next-generation workflow storage platform, a popular high-performance solution for content production. The Quantum Scalar i6 midrange library provides Extended Data Lifecycle Management, ensuring availability of files placed in long-term archives for years 
to come.

Complete solution for Archive and Backup

The P5 Archive product can be combined with P5 Backup to add day-to-day data protection with quick restore in case of emergency. You can partition your Quantum Scalar library to use one partition for your backup data and a different partition for your archive data.



Quantum is the market share leader in LTO tape automation. This leadership position validates the value 
of Quantum Scalar libraries, while supporting this large customer base also provides valuable insights for iLayer software updates further improving reliability and management of Scalar libraries. The Archiware and Quantum solution is tested and certified together, providing confidence your files in the archive will be safe.


Archiware’s P5 Archive software is an affordable solution, letting you step into archiving at a fraction of the cost of larger and more complex archive solutions – and the LTO tape standard has the lowest $ per TB costs of all long-term archive media. This makes the Archiware and Quantum solution an extremely compelling option for long-term data preservation.

Investment Protection

Archiware P5 modular design allows optimal adaptation to growing requirements, letting you add further Archiware products, hardware, and media smoothly without having to go through major migrations. On the Quantum side, all of Quantum’s tape library products provide Capacity-on-Demand, which simplifies storage provisioning by scaling quickly, easily, and without disruption as your archive grows.

The P5 Archive metadata and preview catalogue

Quantum Scalar iBlade and Archiware P5

Quantum’s Scalar iBlade libraries and Archiware P5 provide a simple and efficient converged solution for Backup and Archive to LTO tape. Integrated support for migration to later LTO generations make the integration future-proof. 

The Scalar iBlade libraries provide increased efficiency and a converged data management solution. The libraries already contain a server that drives the library. This way, the physical footprint shrinks to a minimum and complexity is reduced.

Archiware P5 Backup and P5 Archive can run inside the Quantum Scalar iBlade library enclosure. As a result, the need for a separate server is removed, while cooling and power costs are lowered.

Archiware P5 adds to this efficiency by providing Backup and Archive in one solution. Included support for migration to later LTO generations make the software future- proof. P5 Backup takes care of rotating backups to tape. P5 Archive can also serve as a mini-MAM Archive with thumbnails and proxy clips of media files. Customizable metadata fields and menus support crafting an individual metadata schema for quick and simple retrieval. 

Enhanced LTFS Support with P5 Archive

Archiware developed its own LTFS driver to provide an optimized, efficient and robust LTFS service.

LTO Facts


Speed up to 400 MB/s uncompressed
Capacity 18,0 TB uncompressed
Security Servo Tracks, Verify, Error Correction, Auto Speed
Lifespan Certified for 30 Years
Off-site storage Simple, reliable, cost-effective


Speed up to 360 MB/s uncompressed
Capacity 12,0 TB uncompressed
Security Servo Tracks, Verify, Error Correction, Auto Speed
Lifespan Certified for 30 Years
Off-site storage Simple, reliable, cost-effective