All the Benefits of LTO Now Available on Desktop

Many media productions, post-production houses and creatives rely on what used to be data center technology and was previously limited to big corporations. MagStor’s LTO drives offer Thunderbolt, SAS, and FC interface to connect any Mac or PC. Combined with Archiware’s P5 Archive, this results in a powerful media archive solution.

  • Installs and runs in minutes
  • Browser interface
  • Thumbnails and proxy clips of media
  • Customisable metadata fields and menus
  • Support for NanoPure MediaTM and health monitoring 
  • 18 TB native capacity
  • 400MB/s read/write speed
  • Best price per capacity ratio
  • 30 years shelf life
  • Multiple security layers: Read-after-write, error correction and auto-speed

MagStor is the world’s first patented Thunderbolt 3 certified LTO tape drive solution. MagStor’s drives come in different configurations, ranging from single drive and dual drive, to drives with SSD RAID and LTO combined. The drives plug into a regular power cable, so that no external brick is required. Depending on capacity requirements LTO-7, 8 and 9 is offered. LTO offers the best durability and price per TB of all storage media.

Archiware P5 Archive is a long-term storage solution that moves data to disk, tape and the cloud. P5 Archive makes it easy to build a powerful Archive as single source of truth that offers a flexible catalog for browsing and searching. The Archive saves space on costly production storage and preserves media for re-use, referencing and returning customers. As users requirements grow and change, P5’s modular design allows for optimal scaling to fit your specific needs.

The P5 Archive metadata and preview catalogue

Combined with P5 Archive, the solution with MagStor is an easy-to-use, robust and scalable solution. P5 supports all MagStor LTO drives, making it the ideal combination for saving your data. When using MagStor’s NanoPure MediaTM, P5 Software provides media health reporting and can greatly simplify support issues with hardware or media.

Entry Level Archive Solution

Example: 1 Tape = 1 Production. Archive to LTO Tape. Manual or automatic drop folder Archiving. Unlimited tapes can be written using the P5 Archive license. Can be combined with P5 Synchronize and P5 Backup.

Enhanced LTFS Support with P5 Archive

Archiware developed its own LTFS driver to provide an optimized, efficient and robust LTFS service.

LTO Facts


Speed up to 400 MB/s uncompressed
Capacity 18,0 TB uncompressed
Security Servo Tracks, Verify, Error Correction, Auto Speed
Lifespan Certified for 30 Years
Off-site storage Simple, reliable, cost-effective


Speed up to 360 MB/s uncompressed
Capacity 12,0 TB uncompressed
Security Servo Tracks, Verify, Error Correction, Auto Speed
Lifespan Certified for 30 Years
Off-site storage Simple, reliable, cost-effective