A Unique Approach to S3-Compatible Cloud Storage

Storing data on a massive, globally distributed network instead of just a few vulnerable data centers provides better security, privacy and durability with CDN-like performance. Instead of operating with a single data center, Storj puts unused storage space to work on a global network and splits files into pieces to store them all over the world. In conjunction with Archiware P5 Archive and P5 Backup, maximum performance, security, and cost is achieved.

Benefits of the Solution




  • Multi-region storage included & automatically selected
  • No extra distribution cost
  • No storage terms (i.e. minimum storage duration)
  • No egress limit
  • Faster download performance globally




  • One Solution for all platforms (Mac, Win, Linux)
  • Customisable metadata fields and menus
  • Thumbnails and proxy clips of assets
  • Combined search
  • Flexible, scalable license model

Storj Distributed S3 Cloud Storage

Storj takes a different and unique approach to S3-compatible cloud storage: decentralization. Files are split into pieces and distributed over many unused storage parts all over the world. All files are encrypted first and then split into pieces that are distributed to uncorrelated nodes worldwide.

Currently, nodes exist in more than 100 countries. Nodes are automatically selected according to reputation and local latency. The fastest nodes are selected to store files.

No centralized data centers are built or maintained since the unused capacity of existing setups is used. This reduces the use of resources, impact on the environment and cost. Everyone who has unused storage can participate and rent out this storage to profit from Storj's business model.

The Storj storage can be used for backup and recovery, archive, media and post-production, streaming, generative AI and more. Especially in media production and streaming, the unlimited egress can be a considerable advantage.