Master Media Management and archiving in joint effect

Media management in any company can no longer be regarded as a stand-alone solution, but as a joint task. Frequently, Digital Asset Management systems fall short when it comes to managing media assets across different business departments. An efficient digital data management system and a cost-effective, smart concept for long-term storage become necessary. The integration of Peak-14’s DAM-System cavok and Archiware’s P5 Archive perfectly combines both.


  • Automated archiving
  • Simple, one-click restore
  • Easy access to archived data via metadata and file previews
  • No additional software costs/requirements through direct P5/cavok integration
  • Professional long-term storage on LTO tape, Disk and Cloud
  • Tape cloning for offsite storage
  • Reduced overall costs though easy removal of old projects off expensive production storage 
  • Parallelization for higher performance using multiple tape drives 

Peak 14s DAM-System cavok revolutionizes media asset workflows. cavok is the first to provide Master Media Management, a central, sustainable management solution for all media and connecting systems in a company’s environment. It is fundamentally designed so that it can easily be combined with CMS, PIM, ERP systems, online shops and more. These connections create countless possibilities for the automation and simplification of workflows. Thereby, users can easily monitor activities and avoid media disruptions, unnecessary duplicates and redundant work processes.

Archiware’s P5 Archive is a long-term storage solution compatible with Cloud, disk and LTO tape storage. The scriptable command line interface allows P5 Archive to be used as a stand-alone product or as the archiving backend for Asset Management systems. The cloning option ensures maximum data security. Archived data may be stored off-site onto an identical set of tapes or duplicated into the Cloud. Additionally, the parallelization feature for LTO tape enables customers to scale their archive and restore jobs in terms of performance and the number of simultaneously running jobs. P5 Archive supports LTO drives and libraries from virtually any manufacturer, making it the ideal solution in any storage environment. 

Archived assets in the cavok interface

The P5 Archive and cavok 4 integration facilitates managing, archiving and retrieving media projects. Within cavok, P5 Archive automatically archives outdated, unused files to disk, tape or the Cloud. Archived content remains visible and can promptly be located through graphic markings in the cavok GUI.

Metadata and file previews continue to be easily accessible, while high-resolution, original files are stored. Using cavok’s Action-Menu, archived files can immediately be retrieved from the Archive storage in one simple step. 

P5 Archive and cavok 4 are fully compatible through direct integration of P5 into cavok. Therefore, no additional software installations are required.