Optimize data management with a scalable, S3-compatible object storage solution.

Media assets and video content are created at an ever-increasing rate. This can result in operational as well as financial challenges. Therefore, reliable, compliant and affordable Cloud storage is needed, enabling many possible workflows and strategies for data protection and distribution. IDrive e2 is a highly scalable, hot S3-compatible object storage solution. With Archiware P5, both Backup and Archive solutions using cloud storage are available. Building a media archive using P5 Archive offers maximum flexibility because the P5 Data Mover add-on can migrate, replicate, or tier archived content that was ingested using P5 Archive.

Benefits of the Solution

  • No fees on egress
  • SOC 2, GDPR, HIPAA compliance
  • 15 Edge locations across the US, Canada, Europe and Asia- for faster access and low latency
  • Affordable yearly plans with reserved storage
  • Monthly plans starting at $4/TB/Month
  • Free cloud migration tool
  • Object lock with immutability
  • Browser-based access, runs on NAS devices (QNAP, Synology, etc)  

Media Archive with P5 Archive, P5 Data Mover & IDrive e2 Cloud Storage

Migrating completed projects and productions away from costly production storage saves cost and constant storage expansion. The Archive can serve as a “Single Source of Truth” where all finished productions can be found. P5 Archive offers a powerful MAM-like Archive catalog including thumbnails, proxy clips, customizable metadata fields and combined search.

This way, existing assets are easy to find and can be referenced and reused quickly. The P5 Data Mover offers maximum flexibility for the Archive since all archived files can migrate, be replicated or tiered between all storage categories, disk, tape and Cloud storage.