Thunderbolt offers new options for very flexible workflows and mobile solutions.

The ATTO Technology Inc. ThunderLink® and ThunderStream® devices enable laptops and integrated computers to connect to high-performance storage and networks.

Now every Thunderbolt-equipped Mac® or PC can be used as an Archiware P5 server, with access to the full portfolio of ATTO connectivity solutions, including SAS, Fibre Channel, and 10 GB Ethernet for use with iSCSI devices. This way, large amounts of data can easily be protected using P5 Synchronize for cloning, P5 Backup for backup to disk, tape and cloud and P5 Archive for long-term archiving. Even tape libraries can be driven from a workstation-class machine.

The small form factor of ATTO ThunderLink devices means that they can be transported and connected to a single LTO tape drive for a desktop archive. This allows for maximum flexibility and scalability, and it takes into account that more and more production is being decentralized and handled on the desktop level. Additionally, transport of large data sets can easily be solved using LTO tape with or without LTFS as the data exchange format.

The importance of a reliable connection

Direct-attached storage via SAS, Fibre Channel, Thunderbolt or SCSI offers the reliable connection that is needed when managing large data sets and having automated backups, syncs or archives running. Additionally, ethernet can be used to connect to different storage hardware that offers iSCSI connection. This way, the network technology is leveraged and used at the maximum level of reliability.

Cloning for time critical data

If there is no tolerance for a restore process because the (often shared) storage has to be kept available all the time, P5 Synchronize can build a clone for failover. If need be, this secondary storage serves as immediate and identical replacement of the primary storage. Production can continue after minutes.

Automated Backups using P5 Backup

Runs can be scheduled to avoid impact of production processes and detect all changed and new files automatically. When used together with an LTO tape drive or tape library, a cloned Backup can be created to be stored off-site for maximum protection against disaster. Typically, tape devices are connected via SAS or Fibre Channel. These connections can easily be established even on Macs or PCs that lack this kind of interface using ATTO Thunderlink devices.

Combine Backup and Archive

P5 Backup and P5 Archive can make use of the same tape or disk hardware. Their respective storage pools will still be kept separate. This way, the investment in professional storage like a tape library can save multiple purposes. At the same time, the level of data security is optimized.

The Archive as memory of the company

Files that are no longer needed for daily production should be moved to an Archive. This data migration saves space and creates a unified repository of all completed projects and files. Since files are deleted from the primary storage after being archived, space is freed up and can again be used for production. This saves continuous investment in storage expansion that would be necessary otherwise.

Technical as well as descriptive metadata optimize findability of the archived files. Previews and proxies offer additional insight and can be viewed using a web browser.

LTO Facts


Speed up to 400 MB/s uncompressed
Capacity 18,0 TB uncompressed
Security Servo Tracks, Verify, Error Correction, Auto Speed
Lifespan Certified for 30 Years
Off-site storage Simple, reliable, cost-effective


Speed up to 360 MB/s uncompressed
Capacity 12,0 TB uncompressed
Security Servo Tracks, Verify, Error Correction, Auto Speed
Lifespan Certified for 30 Years
Off-site storage Simple, reliable, cost-effective