Simply Powerful Asset Management and Automation for Sports, Enterprise and Broadcast Workflow 

Media production is complex and a challenge for everyone involved. Preserving assets for the long-term is the basis for any re-use, referencing and monetization.

  • Fully featured MAM and automation platform
  • Native integration with P5 Archive
  • Seamless, two-way archive & restore functionality from within Streamline Pro's User Interface
  • Monitor archive activities directly in MAM system monitor
  • Tape information stored in MAM for easy retrieval
  • Initiate batch archive & restore requests
  • Access content & projects anywhere with Media Lifecycle Management
  • Proxy and High-Res Content Synchronization
  • Permission-based content access
  • Tape cloning for offsite storage & parallelization for maximum throughput in P5 Archive

Streamline Pro Production is a world class Media Asset Management and automation toolset. The range of functions that it provides includes advanced metadata search and scripting that empowers media companies to implement advanced automated workflows.

Archiware P5 Archive is a powerful archiving tool that migrates files to the archive storage of choice. P5 Archive can either work stand-alone or as the backend for Asset Management systems thanks to its integration friendly interface and its compatibility with cloud, disk and LTO tape storage.

Streamline Pro integrates the capture, production, management, and delivery of all media assets. This includes archiving and the integration with Archiware P5 Archive. Easily archive any asset from the Streamline Pro interface to reduce production storage load. All assets remain in the catalogue, including their proxies and metadata. The Archive preserves them for the long-term on disk, LTO tape or cloud storage.

Retrieval is also triggered within the Streamline Pro interface. Users stay in their familiar environment, even for data management. Restoring a file from the Archive takes just a click. Tightly integrate your production storage with LTO or Object Storage solutions for archiving content locally or in the Cloud from within the Streamline Pro MAM system.