Manage growing volumes of data & ensure its availability at every stage of production.

Seagate offers an extremely wide range of specialized storage products for media production and other industries, and hard disks. Together, Seagate and Archiware manage this vast amount of data and keep it readily accessible in every size of storage and every phase of production:

  • LaCie, a premium Seagate brand Seagate Exos Modular Storage and Server Systems
  • Lyve Cloud Storage as a Service
  • Lyve Mobile Transfer devices for transport and storage or cloud ingest

Benefits of the Solution

  • Shared production storage, backup and archive target
  • One Solution for all platforms (Mac, Win, Linux)
  • Data safety across platform limits
  • Flexible, scalable license model
  • Customisable metadata fields and menus
  • Thumbnails of images
  • Proxy clips of video files
  • Combined search

Production Storage with Automatic Backup

LaCie, a premium Seagate brand, offers production storage for Media Workflows as NAS or DAS that Archiware P5 protects with Backup and Archive. 

LaCie offers fastest SSDs, NAS and DAS solutions for production and post-production workflows on set and in the studio. Both, Network Attached Storage (NAS) and Direct Attached Storage (DAS) are important in production. NAS is an ideal solution for storing and sharing large data files.

Efficient teams need to work from shared storage. Internally Seagate’s Ironwolf drives for NAS deliver high capacity and extreme durability. DAS offers great performance and storage capacity.

The LaCie 6big Thunderbolt 3 with up to 108 TB of capacity on the desktop and with speeds up to 1,400 MB/s, and RAID 5/6 is excellent production storage and needs to be backed up to protect their data against errors and mishaps.

P5 Backup offers automatic Backup to disk, tape or cloud storage and ensures that files are available even when something goes wrong. Completed projects and assets can migrate to a long-term archive using P5 Archive and its mini-MAM features.

LaCie 6Big Thunderbolt 3 (24-108TB) as source and target storage for Archiware P5 Backup, P5 Synchronize and P5 Archive.

Modular Server Systems with Leading Data Protection

Seagate modular data storage and server systems are perfectly protected with Archiware P5.

Modern media workflows present challenges for storage infrastructures. The workload and demand for speed and capacity require specific storage systems. Seagate builds advanced storage and server Building Blocks with high-capacity disk systems and high-performance flash arrays. Archiware offers professional protection, replication, backup and archive for production storage. 

  • Exos X storage offers performance and simplicity for maximum capacity and impressive density with up to 84 18TB drives resulting in 1.5PB.
  • Expansion Shelves & JBOD Systems are available from 216TB-1.9PB and offer easy scaling of the storage and simplify operations while optimizing costs.
  • Exos AP Series Servers: These servers for Windows and Linux offer both compute and storage in one enclosure. Reducing the footprint and rack space to a minimum for maximum versatility. With Archiware P5 installed they can manage replication, Backup and Archive close to the storage.

Lyve Cloud - Storage as a Service

Shared production storage, backup and archive target.

Lyve Cloud S3 Storage as a Service offers predictable Cloud costs with no egress fees and additional API charges. This makes Lyve Cloud the ideal repository for media content as storage scales limitless for productions, backups and active archives.


All data within Lyve Cloud is encrypted at rest and in flight for highly secure data access, collaboration and exchange whenever needed. Ingest all production footage into the workflow seamlessly and quickly, making it easily accessible.

Lyve Cloud and Archiware P5 Backup and P5 Archive.

Transfer and Ingest Large Data Sets to On-Premises or Cloud Storage

To Transfer and ingest large data sets to on-prem or cloud storage Seagate offers Lyve Mobile Storage.

Lyve Mobile storage devices help to transfer big data sets efficiently to Seagate’s Lyve Cloud (or other cloud storage) or on-prem storage. Off set productions and other transfer services create challenges when it comes to transferring large amounts of data to cloud storage for collaboration. The subscription-only model allows paying only for the Lyve Mobile systems needed when they are need. 

To complete the media perspective, Seagate offers a migration and scan service. With the Lyve Managed Migration Services old media assets can be re-used. Seagate scans, digitizes, and migrates film, video and tape repositories of any tape and film media. Long-term preservation and monetization of existing and often historic assets become predictable projects.