PROMISE & Archiware provide storage & data management for the new Mac Pro 

Meeting storage performance and capacity requirements for 4K, 8K-plus resolution post-production is a challenge for storage technology providers. This will only intensify as the industry evolves. Ever-growing storage means there will always be insufficient space for online storage if the users do not migrate data to a different location or expand their online storage capacity from time to time.

PROMISE Technology & Archiware P5

The new Mac Pro (2019) is a workstation with unprecedented power and flexibility. Creating, editing and grading can be performed with the highest quality and resolutions. With these high quality files comes great responsibility. Availability of media and projects is essential for professionals. 

Some media might even be priceless and impossible to re-create. The tremendous power of the Mac Pro can be used more efficiently when one’s valuable data is always available and automatically kept redundant.

PROMISE Technology and Archiware provide storage and data management for the new Mac Pro with solutions for professional data synchronization, backup and archiving. 

PROMISE Technology offers storage solutions for the MacPro, internally and externally. The Archiware P5 suite provides data availability, Backup and Archive. Professionals can concentrate on their projects while Archiware P5 protects all their data automatically. These are some of the most common use case scenarios to achieve maximum security for media production.

Archiware P5 & Promise Solutions

Solution 1: Data Availability for the Mac Pro

Files from internal storage (Promise J2i and/or R4i) is replicated with P5 Synchronize to external storage Promise Pegasus.

Solution 2: Replication with P5 Synchronize from internal or DAS storage to Xsan volume (Promise Vess R3600)

Xsan is the clustered file system and high speed access storage area network (SAN) used for macOS client systems. Xsan enables access to shared block storage on a Fibre Channel network for multiple macOS client systems. P5 Synchronize also has a built-in feature that makes Xsan replication extremely efficient by talking to Xsan MDC. 

Solution 3: Backup from Xsan Volume (Promise Vess R3600) to NAS (Promise Vess R3600), LTO Tape or Cloud

Archiware P5 Backup secures data by copying it to an external storage like VessR3600 NAS or LTO tape. P5 Backup should be done automatically and frequently.

Solution 4: Migration and long-term archive from internal storage (Promise J2i and/or R4i) to NAS (Promise Vess R3600), LTO Tape or Cloud

SSD, PegasusR4i, PegasusJ2i and Pegasus32 all have storage space limits. Older files need to be deleted or transferred to other storage periodically. The Archiware P5 Archive function is used to migrate data to Vess R3600 NAS or Tape storage and reclaim storage space on the SSD, Pegasus R4i, Pegasus J2i or Pegasus32.

With an embedded Media Asset Management feature set, Archiware P5 Archive simplifies locating files easily even years later. Metadata fields can be customized, while preview thumbnails and proxy clips bring the Archive to life. Files can easily be browsed and searched for reference, re-use and monetization.

Which Solution to Choose?

When deciding what kind of data management a specific data set needs, customers can consider the following:

Restore Tolerance Product Retention
Minutes Data Availability/Failover - no restore neccessary P5 Synchronize + PROMISE Storage Days
Hours Backup to disk/tape, cyclic, also off-site P5 Backup, P5 Backup2Go + PROMISE Storage Weeks
Hours - Days Long-term archiving, data migration, off-site P5 Archive + PROMISE Storage Years