Completely cloud-based Backup and Archive

Archiware has flexible support for a variety of cloud storage services in both the Backup and Archive modules. Those wishing to run cloud-based instances of Archiware P5 can log in to Amazon Web Services and easily deploy Archiware's Linux-based AMI. Included is an Archiware P5 version 7 installation, which can be set up in minutes.

Benefits of P5 in the Cloud

  • Easy to start within minutes
  • Access for multiple users & multiple locations
  • Singe Source of truth = One place to find all Backup/Archive files
  • No investment in hardware or hardware maintenance
  • No local installation
  • Pay-as-you go for storage and performance
  • No hardware upgrades/replacements
  • Reverse Client Connection independent of Firewall, etc.
  • Use any Cloud storage like B2, Wasabi, Azure, Google Cloud or other

Cloud storage is only one way to profit from the many benefits of the Cloud. Archiware P5 can run in the Cloud. No additional physical server is required on premises. The P5 server is located at AWS and is activated at the AWS Marketplace by Amazon. The image is pre-configured and contains all that is needed. 

After entering the license, this P5 server behaves like a local machine and can connect to any cloud storage, whether Amazon or otherwise. This means increased flexibility and attractive price ranges when using Backblaze B2, Wasabi or any other cloud storage. Login is possible from anywhere. Local machines can act as clients to be a data source for Backup and Archive. Any computer can log in to browse and search the Backup and Archive. Just bring your own license to enter it into the P5 server at AWS.

Use P5 Backup & P5 Archive from the AWS Server

P5 Backup

Both P5 Backup and P5 Archive are ready for use from the AWS server. P5 Backup lets you back up data to the cloud and offers an automatic rotating Backup. Data is stored in a platform-neutral format, allowing backup and restore data from and to any platform. Archiware has built-in restore optimisation with block-direct positioning that avoids seek time. The administrator can allow users to search, browse and/or restore from the backup, making P5 even more flexible to the users needs.

P5 Archive

P5 Archive is a long-term storage solution that moves data to the cloud. P5 Archive offers MAM like features and makes it extremely easy to find files even years later. Since each company has different metadata requirements, customizable metadata fields and menus offer the foundation for an individualised metadata schema. To generate thumbnails and proxy clips for the Archive, Index FFmpeg and ImageMagick are already pre-installed and in place.