Access Data from the Cloud - Anywhere, Anytime 

Many businesses are still unable to use cloud storage due to the high costs of restoring data. A simple data management strategy with minimum operating costs is essential. Backblaze B2 and Archiware P5 provide a scalable and efficient solution to secure data to the cloud, while saving hardware and administration costs. 

Advantages of the Solution

  • One Solution for all Platforms
  • One browser interface for all modules
  • Cost-effective Cloud backup and recovery
  • Restore of individual chunks
  • Automated archiving and data migration
  • Parallelization for speed and scalability
  • Simple, one-click restore
  • Long-term data storage in the Cloud 


Backblaze B2 combines high performance with maximum cost- efficiency. The easy-to-use web interface, pay-as-you-need model and unlimited scalability make storing data to B2 Cloud Storage extremely simple. Uploading and downloading data from Backblaze B2 can be performed manually or programmatically. Immediate data availability is ensured to avoid downtime. As storage requirements grow, B2 Cloud Storage can easily be scaled at no charge for unused storage. 

Archiware’s platform-agnostic P5 software suite facilitates backup, archiving and cloning of data. The modules P5 Backup and P5 Archive provide optimal medium- and long-term security to disk, tape and cloud. 

Through parallelization, P5 Backup supports multiple drives, tasks and clients simultaneously. Even large data sets can be backed up in the shortest time possible. P5 Archive is the central repository for all completed productions. The integrated mini- MAM system simplifies finding and restoring archived media using metadata, previews and proxies.

Prices correct as of January 2022.

Backblaze B2 is configured and accessed using P5’s browser- based interface. P5 Archive and P5 Backup first store the data in intermediate containers called volumes on a disk. In connection with Backblaze B2, P5 automatically synchronizes all data written to the volumes to B2 Cloud Storage. 

The volumes themselves are divided into chunks. Individual chunks can be copied or downloaded, without the need to restore the entire volume as a whole. Local copies can optionally be removed, depending on the setup. To reduce latency, multiple chunks can simultaneously be transferred to cloud storage.