Powerful online collaborative workspace for video production integrated with Archiware P5 Archive

Limecraft offers a powerful online collaborative workspace for video production. The workspace includes media management, audio transcription, shot lists, subtitling, localisation for production of TV, documentary, scripted entertainment and feature film. Specialized workflows offer specific support for the respective genre. Leveraging automation and AI increases productivity, reduces manual effort and frees up time for creativity. 

  • Automatic archiving to LTO tape
  • Increased productivity through automation and AI
  • Powerful collaborative workspace for media production
  • Reduced the turn-around times through automated workflows 
  • Thumbnails and proxy clips
  • Customisable metadata fields and menus
  • Combined search, storable
  • Scales to PB and billions of files

Limecraft Flow is unique in offering the collaborative workspace that combines ingest and handling of dailies, computer assisted logging, transfers back and forth post-production, online sharing, review and approval, and management masters including subtitling and localisation.

Limecraft Flow speeds up production and increases quality because it removes switching between multiple apps or transfer data between different tools. High profile production needs optimum protection. For this reason, automatic archiving to LTO tape is available through integration with Archiware P5 Archive. Restore from the archive can be done using an edit decision list (EDL) or manual selection. 

Protecting production from the start: Check-in & check-out of camera cards

Many high-volume producers need improved support of camera cards in post-production to optimise their workflow. They also need to prevent creation of folders or ad hoc. Collections of files from camera cards need to be archived, managed, and checked by online editors. Metadata need to be consistent to be the foundation for later postproduction and long-term use. 

Balancing LTO tape and online storage generates significant savings in terms of reduced high performance online storage space. Additionally, LTO tape offers maximum security through its air gap and durability. Automated workflows driving the storage management help avoiding errors and reduce the turn-around times. Material can be easily retrieved and instantly used in post-production without manual intervention.

In a first step, camera cards are recognised by Limecraft Edge and transferred as such to a Networked Attached Storage (NAS). Simultaneously, Limecraft Edge also creates web proxies and sends them to Limecraft Flow, including their grouping as a card and adding the card manifest to the collection.

Next, a custom workflow to archive those cards as such from the NAS to the tape drive (driven by Archiware P5 Archive) is triggered by Limecraft Flow (in the cloud) and executed by Cloud Connector running on premise.