Shared storage, Cloning, Backup & Archive for collaborative workflows 

Whether you’re working on television series, commercials, corporate videos, web spots, or feature films, chances are you’re not going it alone. The key to smooth collaboration is instant availability of all required media, delivered by a high-performance shared storage. And - just as important but easily overlooked - there is also the aspect of media and data management: If a project requires re-purposed media, it should be easy to find. And if something ever goes wrong, users should be safe in the knowledge that their work is always safe. Jellyfish by OWC and Archiware have got that covered. 

  • Collaborative workflows with built-in data security 
  • One P5 browser interface for all modules
Installed on Jellyfish - no additional P5 server

  • Data cloning for high availability 

  • Periodic backup for disaster recovery 
  • Automated archiving and data migration

  • Visual browsing with previews and metadata 

  • Simple, one-click restore 

  • One Solution for all Platforms
  • LTO Tape, Disk and Cloud 

Jellyfish by OWC is designed from the ground up to meet the demands of modern NLEs and high-resolution workflows. Editors want to spend their time cutting, creating and finishing – not worrying about RAID settings and network connections. Jellyfish shared storage solutions are designed to be as quick and easy to set up as possible, with a range of options completely customizable to fit your needs. 

Whatever Jellyfish you choose - Mobile, Tower or Rack - it will help you work faster, together with any popular NLE, including Final Cut Pro, Premiere, Media Composer, and Resolve. 

Archiware P5 is a platform-agnostic, browser-based software suite for archiving, backup and cloning of data. It’s the perfect fit to keep media safe and on hand in a collaborative workflow: 

P5 Synchronize clones data from Jellyfish to a secondary online storage and creates an identical file system for high availability. If needed, file access is instantaneous without restore. 

P5 Backup creates security copies of files and projects so they can be restored in case of accidental deletion, file corruption, or technical failure. At least one of these periodic security copies can and should be kept offsite, so data is safe even in case of natural disaster. 

The P5 Archive metadata and preview catalogue allows users to easily find and retrieve media files, such as images and videos

P5 Archive comes in when long-term storage is required. Archived media and projects are comprised in the P5 Archive catalogue, including previews for visual browsing. User- definable metadata fields and extensive search features make it incredibly easy to find that special clip and restore it quickly and easily with just one click. 

Like P5 Backup, P5 Archive is compatible with numerous cloud services such as Amazon S3, Glacier, Microsoft Azure, Backblaze, and Wasabi. If you prefer a local Archive, you may choose virtually any disk or LTO tape storage on the market. 

As an added cost-saver, Archiware P5 is installed on the Jellyfish shared storage itself, so no additional hardware is required.