Synchronize, Backup and Archive to Thunderbolt devices

ThunderboltTM Technology has taken device connectivity and data transfer speeds to a whole new level. Using HighPoint Technologies' Storage adapters and Storage Docks, it is possible to achieve a throughput of up to 20 Gigabit/s.

Advantages of the Solution

  • Fast, reliable connection
  • Throughput of up to 20 Gb/s
  • Plug-and-play-usability
  • Link to Mini-SAS or eSATA
  • Replicate data for immediate failover
  • Back up workstations to a central repository
  • Back up server data for disaster recovery
  • Archive data to free up online storage

HighPoint’s RocketStor 6328 is a very efficient and powerful hardware RAID solution. It delivers plug-and-play usability in a compact and portable format that suits any production setup, both on-site and in the field. Any ThunderboltTM 2 capable PC or Mac can be linked to Mini-SAS and eSATA storage units. The RocketStor 6328 is powerful enough to stream 4K video while simultaneously transferring terabytes worth of HD media from one single ThunderboltTM connection.

The built-in hardware RAID-on-Chip controller supports RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 50 and JBOD configurations and delivers the data protection demanded by professional 4K media applications.

HighPoint RocketStor 6328 has been successfully tested with all modules from the Archiware P5 suite. It can be combined with P5 to protect data at every stage of the life cycle.

P5 Synchronize allows you to clone data from one location to the other, whether it is stored locally, remotely or even in the cloud. In case of a server failure, the mirrored data is available as an open file system immediately without a restore process.
Data can also be copied from different sources to one target to enable collaborative work from clients, even outside the company network. Using a fast ThunderboltTM connection, cloning frequencies can be increased, minimizing the data loss in case of failure and speeding up the collaboration process.

P5 Backup2Go is tailored specifically for endpoint backup, securing data from workstations and laptops which are not always available within the network. Backups can be interrupted and will be automatically resumed once the machine is back online.
Restores can be performed from any client using the web interface. Transfer speeds for both Backup and Restore can be dramatically increased using a ThunderboltTM connection.

P5 Backup is an advanced tool for protecting data on servers or storage. According to user definable plans, P5 Backup creates full or incremental backups of your data which are then stored on disk, LTO tape or in the cloud.

P5 Archive moves data which is no longer needed for daily use to a disk, tape or cloud archive. This process frees up cost-intensive online storage and therefore helps to avoid continuous storage investment. Additionally the Archive acts as a central repository that makes finding assets easy. Thumbnails and extensible metadata fields open the Archive for browsing and searching.
The most secure location for a company archive is LTO Tape, either loaded manually into a single drive or in an automated tape library.

LTO Tape is used by large corporations, banks and insurance companies due to its certified 30 year lifespan and the possibility to be stored off-site for maximum data protection. Archiware P5 also works with all other HighPoint Thunderbolt, SAS, SATA, eSATA and USB devices.