Powerful, intelligent and easily scalable media storage for demanding workflows, including Archiware P5 integration

With GB Labs storage products, content creation teams can work on files and projects together for increased productivity and creative freedom.

  • Compatible with virtually any Tape Hardware (LTO-2 to LTO-9)
  • Customisable metadata fields and menus
  • Thumbnails of images
  • Proxy clips of video files
  • Combined search
  • Long Retention & Offsite Storage
  • Versions & Snapshots
  • User Restore

On SPACE, ECHO and FastNAS Mac, Linux, and Windows, clients offer simultaneous access to projects using 1 to 100 GB connections. Users’ access rights, storage quotas and permitted bandwidth can be configured. GB Labs focuses on easy installation, maintenance and upgrade of storage. Moving data between tiers of GB Labs’ units is optimised by the system’s intelligence to increase workflow efficiency.

With Archiware P5 running natively on GB Labs devices, production is protected in multiple ways. The integrations tab allows users to configure the P5 client, so that it can access files on GB Labs’ storage products for backup, archive or both.

Maximum Security with P5 Archive and P5 Backup

The integration with Archiware P5 offers maximum security for both ongoing and completed productions. Customers have the flexibility to choose from different storage categories for Backup and Archive, such as disk, LTO tape and cloud storage.

P5 Backup protects ongoing production against accidental deletion, file corruption and any other mishaps. The scheduled automatic Backup is the best way to keep files safe. The optimised restore process hands any file back identically to continue with production (including xattributes, acls etc.). P5 Backup works with disk, tape and cloud storage to provide maximum flexibility and fulfill any requirements. Encryption is available for both, transfer and storage.

P5 Archive migrates finished projects and their assets to disk, tape or cloud to preserve them for long-term. Finding files later is easy with its MAM-like features, customisable metadata fields, thumbnails for still images and proxy clips for videos. Combined search and visual browsing help to locate files when they are needed for re-use, reference and monetisation.

Leveraging the Benefits of LTO Tape

Both P5 Backup and P5 Archive support LTO tape drives and tape libraries from all vendors. LTO offers the highest durability and shelf life of decades and the lowest TCO of all professional storage media, starting at 10€/USD/GBP per TB. LTO tape is used in almost all large corporations, banks, research institutions, insurances and Internet services to keep large amounts of data safe for the long-term.

With the introduction of LTFS data, LTO tapes became interchangeable. LTFS (ISO/IEC 20919) Arch is supported as archive format, as well as cataloging of existing LTFS tapes. The native P5 format offers powerful features, especially for larger installations. When using multiple drives throughput can grow (and almost multiply), with each drive added though P5's drive parallelisation. For maximum security and offsite storage, P5 offers tape cloning to create two identical tape sets with two or more LTO drives.

The integration of the P5 client running natively on GB Labs SPACE storage is an efficient way to protect production and provide business continuity. Numerous options within P5 allow for enormous flexibility in configuration, setup, access, segmentation, storage and policies.

Having one solution for Backup and Archive increases efficiency and keeps thing simple. Powerful features of P5 support future growth and scalability into PBs.  

LTO Facts


Speed up to 400 MB/s uncompressed
Capacity 18,0 TB uncompressed
Security Servo Tracks, Verify, Error Correction, Auto Speed
Lifespan Certified for 30 Years
Off-site storage Simple, reliable, cost-effective


Speed up to 360 MB/s uncompressed
Capacity 12,0 TB uncompressed
Security Servo Tracks, Verify, Error Correction, Auto Speed
Lifespan Certified for 30 Years
Off-site storage Simple, reliable, cost-effective