Optimize Content-Creation Workflows and Asset Security

For demanding content-creation workflows, an effective storage and data management strategy is indispensable. With its ability to embed software applications, Network Attached Storage (NAS) provides an all-in-one solution for both. The integration of Archiware P5 with G-Technology’s G-RACK 12 NAS perfectly combines storage and protection for critical data and valuable assets.


  • High-capacity storage for MAM/DAM applications
  • Automated archiving & data migration
  • Simple, one-click restore
  • Access to archived data via metadata & file previews
  • Long-term storage on LTO tape, Disk & Cloud
  • Tape cloning for offsite storage
  • Parallelization for higher performance using multiple tape drives
  • No external server involvement

G-Technology’s G-RACK 12 provides centralized, high-performance NAS geared towards content-demanding Media and Entertainment workflows. It is designed to work as a high-capacity storage resource for popular Media Asset Management (MAM) and Digital Asset Management (DAM) applications running on Windows or macOS servers. G-RACK 12 becomes an available storage resource via multiple network protocols including SMB, NFS, AFP, as well as utilizing iSCSI if needed.  It employs its own customized operating system software, incorporating the latest stable Linux kernel and powerful BTRFs file system.

Archiware P5 is a platform-agnostic software suite for archiving, backup and cloning of data. P5 Synchronize clones time critical data to ensure high availability. P5 Backup automatically backs up server data to disk, LTO tape or cloud. P5 Backup2Go backs up workstation data to central disk storage. P5 Archive migrates data offline to disk, LTO tape and the cloud for long-term storage. All P5 modules can be combined and support file servers as well as Direct Attached Storage, SAN and NAS.

P5 Backup and G-RACK 12

Archiware P5 is easily installed on G-RACK 12 as an App without external server involvement. Using P5 Backup, data stored on G-RACK 12 can be secured on disk, LTO tape and cloud. By setting up P5 Backup plans, incremental, full or progressive back ups are performed automatically. Through parallelization, multiple drives, tasks and clients are supported simultaneously. 

Hence, even large data sets can be backed up in the shortest time possible.

For a solid backup strategy, P5 Backup can be combined with P5 Synchronize for a disk-to-disk-to-tape workflow using two G-RACK 12 NAS devices.

P5 Archive and G-RACK 12

The integration of P5 Archive and G-RACK 12 facilitates the storage and migration of assets managed using MAM and DAM systems. P5 Archive enables data to be migrated offline to disk, LTO tape and the cloud. Files, folders and the directory structure can be monitored to archive files automatically.

As a bare bones asset management system, P5 Archive includes extendable metadata fields and HTML5 previews for effective search and retrieval. This optimizes the management of video archives, generation of visual previews and simple restore of assets stored on the G-RACK 12.

The P5 Archive metadata and preview catalogue