FAST LTA Silent Bricks & Archiware P5 Archive

Security and flexibility of storage, including transport, become more important as the risk of data loss increases on many levels. FAST LTA and Archiware have a unique and innovative solution to achieve maximum data security.

  • Flexible, secure, long-term storage
  • (Re-)movable for transport and off-site storage
  • Capacity up to 24TB (gross) per Silent Brick
  • Archiving on nearline storage saves production storage
  • Certified for P5 Archive and P5 Backup
  • Mini-MAM Archive with thumbnails and proxies
  • Customizable metadata fields and menus
  • Combined searching / browsing

The Silent Brick is a movable storage media with built-in data protection.
It is designed as a rugged and (re-)movable nearline and off-line data container. The Silent Brick System‘s movable storage media is independent from its IT environment. This ensures greatest flexibility as well as nearline, off- line and off-site scalability. Depending on the configuration, data is protected through dual or triple parity, or through a linear file system with

Erasure Coding and 4 redundancies. Every Silent Brick offers up to 24TB (gross) on flash or disk drives. It can be mounted in a drive (2 slots) or a controller (5 slots, expandable) and integrated in the network via dual 10G connections. A single rack can hold up to 4 Petabytes, with unlimited offline scalability.

The P5 Archive metadata and preview catalogue allows users to easily find and retrieve media files, such as images and videos

P5 Archive with its built-in Mini-MAM features offers a simple to use yet powerful interface to the Silent Brick storage. Media files can be browsed using thumbnails and proxy clips in the archive catalog.

Technical as well as descriptive metadata help to find files easily. Combined searches allow finding assets using very specific criteria. A customized meta- data schema makes the archive a production tool.

Finding files fast opens the possibility of referencing, re-use and monetization or the Archive. Additionally, high end production storage capacity can be limited and investment in expansion saved.

One click is enough to archive on macOS with the Finder integration of the P5 Archive App add-on. It even includes an integration with Final Cut Pro X - support and ease of use at the heart of production.