Exoscale, A1 Digital’s cloud hosting for GDPR-compliant backup and archive

Exoscale is a European cloud provider originated in Switzerland with datacenters in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. The company offers IaaS services like virtual machines, object storage, DNS management, and more. Together with Archiware P5 Archive and P5 Backup, they provide a powerful solution for data management in accordance with GDPR-laws within the European Union.

Features & Benefits

  • GDPR compliant cloud solution
  • Data centers in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Bulgaria
  • Simple interface
  • Transparent pricing with accurate by-the-second billing
  • German language support
  • Complete cloud portfolio: storage, VMs, Kubernetes, DBaaS, compute instances, object storage, DNS and GPU servers

Protect Valuable Assets with a Backup

Numerous options are available to store data precisely according to the requirements of the production in question. An important criterion for data backup is protection against events that jeopardize or damage the data. To achieve maximum data security, geo-redundant backups are essential.

Exoscale's cloud hosting provides a simple solution for this requirement. Together with Archiware P5 Backup, it delivers secure data storage. Automatically, specific data or even entire storage segments can be backed up with P5 Backup. Restore is performed via the browser, with access to snapshots and file versions.

Secure Data Long-Term with Archiving

To reduce the load on production storage, data and projects that are no longer required in daily production should be migrated to an archive. This saves storage space and keeps the production memory clear. Additionally, an archive serves as a central reference to locate all completed projects and their files and media.

This facilitates the reuse and referencing of existing files. Archiware P5 Archive further integrates special features for a media archive such as media previews, proxy clips and customizable metadata fields. Having backup and archive in one solution provides efficiency and simplifies administration processes.

Keeping Data Storage GDPR Compliant

Exoscale, A1 Digital's cloud hosting, pays particular attention to regional data storage. Data centers operated by Exoscale are currently located in Switzerland, Austria, Bulgaria and Germany. Legal regulations governing the European Union, as well as trust and credibility, are often decisive factors for customers, especially in German-speaking countries. 

Exoscale, A1 Digital's cloud hosting, eliminates the risks associated with using U.S. cloud providers to process personal data. Exoscale offers data sovereignty in times when the US law increasingly conflicts with the EU law, especially with GDPR, through the FISA, ECPA and CLOUD Act. In addition to clean cloud storage, Exoscale offers a complete cloud portfolio, from standard VMs to managed Kubernetes, DBaaS, compute instances, object storage, DNS and GPU servers.