Archiware P5 & Bright Technologies

Bright Technologies, providers of SAN/NAS solutions for post and broadcast, and Archiware, leading developers of software for data protection, have joined forces offering the media market a powerful combined solution - Archiware P5 pre-installed with all Bright next generation Astella “all-in-one” solutions.

Advantages of the solution

  • Eliminates additional server hardware
  • Direct connect LTO to Astella via SAS or fibre
  • Powered by Stornext® 5
  • 30 day free trial period of all P5 modules
  • Regular, automated Backup of Astella storage to disk or tape
  • Additional P5 modules available for Cloning and Archiving
  • Professional long-term storage on LTO tape
  • Tape cloning for off-site storage
  • Parallelization for maximum performance
  • Scalability through extension with tape library

Bright’s AstellaFx and AstellaNx are SAN/NAS appliances optimized for post and broadcast workflows. The Next Generation Astella combines the power and intelligence of all BrightDrive products in a compact plug n play solution. Direct connect clients via fibre or Ethernet, eliminating the need for a switch.

Bright’s feature set and front end allow for simplified administration.

Content creators, television broadcasters, and content delivery providers can leverage a simple high-performance solution to accelerate the creation and monetization of media. Collaboration has never been easier with Astella.

Archiware’s P5 product line perfectly complements this concept of simplicity. The software is quickly and easily set up and configured within minutes using a streamlined and user-friendly web interface. The P5 suite includes different modules for data protection at every stage of the media lifecycle:

P5 Synchronize enables users to replicate data for high availability and failover. New and modified files are detected automatically at specified intervals and synchronized to a target destination as required.

P5 Backup lets users back up server data to disk or tape as well as back up and restore cross-platform using the web interface.

P5 Archive moves data offline to disk and tape for secure, long-term storage. P5 products are hardware agnostic and work cross platform on Mac, Linux, Windows and Solaris. In addition, all Archiware products are highly scalable and include remote browser access to files.

Any BrightDrive Astella now comes with Archiware P5 pre-installed and the option to feature Archiware Backup and Archiving functionality as an embedded feature set. After a free 30 day trial period during which all P5 components are available for test and configuration, a license can be purchased for individual or all modules. The license model is highly flexible to suit any combination of servers, storage and LTO drives and tape libraries.

LTO Facts


Speed up to 400 MB/s uncompressed
Capacity 18,0 TB uncompressed
Security Servo Tracks, Verify, Error Correction, Auto Speed
Lifespan Certified for 30 Years
Off-site storage Simple, reliable, cost-effective


Speed up to 360 MB/s uncompressed
Capacity 12,0 TB uncompressed
Security Servo Tracks, Verify, Error Correction, Auto Speed
Lifespan Certified for 30 Years
Off-site storage Simple, reliable, cost-effective