Archive to LTFS Tape

Support for this product has been discontinued. P5 now includes native LTFS support in P5 Archive

Read and write Linear Tape File System tapes

MediaLTFS is a free Archiware tool to enable use of the LTFS format. LTFS is an open tape format and a great tool to transport media safely. MediaLTFS combines the drivers of HP, IBM and Quantum in one piece of software and lets you read and write to LTO tapes in LTFS format.

  • Write LTFS tapes
  • Mount and unmount tapes
  • Read from and write to such tapes

More about LTFS

LTFS (Linear Tape File System) is a file system for LTO tape. It was created by the LTO consortium, a vendor group consisting of HP, IBM and Quantum. It can be used on LTO-5 and LTO-6 tapes.
As tape is much more robust than disks, shipping LTO tapes from one location to another is much more secure. LTFS is an open file format for LTO tape, with a great benefit when data needs to be transported securely. The open tape format only requires the correct LTFS driver at the sender’s as well as the receiver’s location. By combining all available LTFS Mac drivers, MediaLTFS is greatly simplifying this task.

MediaLTFS and P5

When adding MediaLTFS to your existing P5 installation, you can restore data from P5 Backup or Archive to an LTFS tape. In order to do so, you need two tape drives.
 This is interesting mainly when you want to securely send data to another location, hand over to a customer etc.
Learn more about the technical use of P5 and MediaLTFS in our P5 manual, chapter 12.

Important: Even when using LTFS, LTO still remains a tape technology. As such, it has sequential access and does not behave like a disk. You can therefore not copy files from one directory to another, edit them on the tape or free up space by deleting files.


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