P5 Integrations

Archiware P5 Archive offers options for integration. This way, a 3rd party application like a MAM, PAM, DAM etc. can trigger P5 Archive for archiving and restore. By integrating to P5 Archive, all long-term storage handling on either disk, tape or cloud storage can be handed over to P5 Archive. When the archive storage is LTO tape, P5 Archive handles tape parallelisation, tape cloning, barcode inventory and the block position on tape of each archived file. P5 Archive offers the P5 native format and ISO compliant LTFS as archive formats.

When using disk or cloud storage, P5 Archive also handles all necessary information to restore a file quickly from the archive. Numerous vendors have already built integrations to P5 Archive, including: Primestream, EditShare, KYNO, CatDV, FocalPoint ServerDALIM, axle, and more!