P5 License Trade-In & Discounts

P5 Bundle Conversions

P5 single products and P5 bundles with valid Archiware Software Maintenance can be converted to a different P5 single product or P5 bundle. The customer will be granted 75% of the purchase price of his original P5 product towards the purchase of the new P5 product. (A refund of the difference between an old higher product price and new lower product price is not possible.) Expansion licenses and add-ons cannot be converted.

The serial number of the old P5 single product/bundle will become the serial number of the new P5 product. The Archiware Software Maintenance will automatically be transferred to the new P5 product for the rest of the current period.

Should the customer be employing an older version of a P5 single product/bundle, they have to buy the corresponding maintenance reactivation product prior to making the transfer to the new P5 single product/bundle. Following the maintenance reactivation, the rules given above apply.

Trade-In & Discounts

Archiware offers a trade-in discount and discounts for certain target groups as well. A combination of different discount types is not possible. If several can be considered, the one most favorable for the customer applies. To claim the trade-in discount, a copy of the previous product’s invoice must be immediately submitted. For all other discounts, a proof of authority (website, letterhead, etc.) is required.

Trade-in Discount

Target group: users of other backup and data management solutions.

Discount: up to 30% discount.

The maximum of 30% of the price of the P5 license will be granted, but not exceeding the price of the old product. To claim the discount, a copy of the previous product’s invoice must be immediately submitted. The trade-in discount is not available for software maintenance agreements.

Education Discount

Discount Target group: universities, schools, colleges and all other educational institutions.

Discount: 20% on all P5 licenses.

Government Discount

Target group: government, administration institutions.

Discount: 20% on all P5 licenses.

Non-profit Discount

Target group: non-profit organizations such as charities, ecology groups, human rights organizations, etc.

Discount: 20% on all P5 licenses.

To request a license trade-in, please contact our Sales Team.

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