Cantemo Portal + Archiware P5 Archive + CP Archive App

Successful Solution Used to Produce the TV Program Pequenas Empresas & Grandes Negocios

Problem Description

With the changes in Apple Professional Storage solutions and the Final Cut Pro and Final Cut Server EOL, the client felt the need to completely change the current solution. The discontinued Final Cut Server was even preventing them from upgrading the editing stations´ OS at that point, while Xsan was no longer a reliable SAN to house the projects

“Our initial need was to completely migrate our current solution, without interruption, keeping quality and with best cost-effectiveness, but as the project develops I found that we would go far beyond in performance and innovation”

- Paulo Simões, Director TV7

"Since the deployed solution is very easy work to with and supports multiples editing systems, the entire migration process was silent and the production had zero impact”

- Rodrigo Hashimoto, Drivesys


The Project starting point came from the TV7´s director, Paulo Simões, made the decision of using Avid Media Composer as the editing seat. From this point, along with Paulo, Drivesys team developed a workflow to best meet the ongoing production and further improve it.

Since editing would be Avid Based, it was mandatory to use a central storage which natively supports the “bin locking” function, then a 96TB Terrablock from Facilis Technology was chosen. Terrablock was also valuable due to its Fiber and Ethernet connectivity which allowed to make use of the current Xsan FC infrastructure, avoiding the costs of a new 10Gbe infrastructure.

The next step was to define how online and offline content would be managed and integrated with Media Composer seats, text editors, producers and directors. To comply with that, Drivesys integrated Cantemo Portal, Archiware P5 Archive and CP Archive App by MMCT.

Benefits of the integration

  • Agility in the programs delivery. Reviewing, annotation, approval workflow and collaboration between video editors and producers is now via web.
  • Archive of finished projects speed up, optimizing Online Storage use and reducing investments in spinning disk storage.
  • Reducing costs of maintenance due to web-based media asset management which only needs standard web browsers such as Firefox, Gloogle Chrome etc.

Founded in 2002, TV7 is a specialized video production company which owns a modern facility and counts on a very experienced professional team to capture, create, edit and finish programs, commercials, films, corporate videos and documentaries. TV7´s customer base includes: Globo, Record, SBT, SporTV, Ambev, RedBull, TV Cultura, FX, Fox and others.

Drivesys is a Brazilian systems integrator, focused on the Broadcast, Production, and Post-production market. Founded in 2010, Drivesys is based in São Paulo and provides solutions and specialized services across Brazil, enabling its clients to differentiate themselves in the market.