Two become one – Archive and Backup with Archiware P5

Mastering Studios Muenchen migrates extensive media archive from Final Cut Server to Achiware P5, exemplifying the benefits of one solution to cover all data management requirements.

msm studios - Mastering Studios Muenchen - is a post-production and mastering service provider for the film industry. They pioneered many technologies in their field, often being the first to implement them in their workflow. Collaborating closely with the hardware and software vendors, msm have often helped to advance development.

Archiware is a software development company specializing in data management and security. The Archiware P5 product suite provides cloning, backup and archive functionalities. P5 Archive, the most feature-rich module, is even suited as a basic MAM solution, including metadata and previews for archived media.

msm has been using Archiware software since 2004 to protect data on their shared storage with an automatic Backup. Additionally, they have built an Archive of all completed projects for references and repurposing.

But it was one specific project which triggered a new look at the capabilities of P5 Archive: msm took on the task of digitizing the complete video archive of nature filmmaker and producer Gogol Lobmayr in HD in 2009.

The resulting 80 hours of footage in 6400 clips and the corresponding metadata were all kept in Final Cut Server. Several hundred music video clips have already been produced using this material. And with Final Cut Server being discontinued, it was time to transfer the data and metadata into an up-to-date media asset management system.

However, a closer look revealed that P5 Archive already delivered all necessary features to keep the existing metadata and provide easy access:

  • Full-lenght preview clips offer immediate impressions of the material
  • Metadata can be stored in text fields or drop-down menus
  • Combined searches in P5 Archive make finding the right clips easy

Metadata, combined search and preview in the P5 Archive catalogue

For the migration, msm contracted moosystems because of their extensive experience of Final Cut Server migrations and Archiware P5. During the migration, all existing metadata from Final Cut Server was transferred to Archiware P5 Archive.
As an additional benefit, the number of systems managing the media was reduced, since Archiware P5 now handles Backup, the project Archive and the specific Lobmayr Archive in a single application.

“The integration of the Lobmayr Archive in the existing Archiware landscape makes a lot of sense for us. All of the originally created metadata were carried over smoothly and are available for searching. Now we only have one system for Backup, archived projects and media asset management. Usability and administration with Archiware is very easy.”
– Stefan Bock, owner, msm studios

Products used:
Archiware P5 Backup, P5 Synchronize, P5 Archive
Tandberg Data T40 LTO Library

About moosystems:
moosystems designs video production systems and provides data migration services from existing to new systems. They build custom MAM and workflow solutions, including encoding, data storage, AWS connection, powerful searches and video previews.

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About msm:
msm-studios is a premium service provider for audio/video post-production and Blu-ray- /DVD authoring. The experts at msm-studios have a comprehensive understanding and the right sensitivity for music and also film productions. The list of clients includes Deutsche Grammophon, Decca, Harmonia Mundi, EMI Classics, LSO, Metropolitan Opera, Sony Music, Universal Music, Virgin Classics, Warner Classics and ECM.

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