At Universities, Science and Research Facilities, data security is crucial

Overwhelming amounts of files and content are created in science and research and need a cost-effective data management solution. Archiware P5 covers the A-B-C of data management: Archive, Backup and Cloning in one solution and on all platforms, protecting data in any way possible.

Time critical data, SAN and NAS systems can be cloned using P5 Synchronize. This way, a complete storage replication can be immediately available as fail-over. Centralised Volumes housing hundreds of TB are protected and will be backup and running in matters of minutes. No restore process necessary.


P5 Backup offers securing of files on servers to disk, tape and cloud storage. This gives maximum flexibility for the storage strategy and can make most use of available setups. Users can search and browse to restore their own files via the browser. Automatic runs protect files of all departments and institutes.

Endpoint Backup of workstations in labs or offices is also part of the Archiware P5 suite. P5 Backup2Go offers automatic, interruptible and invisible Backup of workstations even if they are working remotely.

Data that needs to be kept for reference, compliance or re-use can be migrated to a long-term archive. P5 Archive with its mini-MAM features makes finding files easy. Browsing the media thumbnails and proxy clips or searching for file names or metadata in the archive catalog makes retrieving data flexible and fast.


 Metadata fields and menus can be customised to match individual requirements. Especially media archives profit from these features, since users can locate and restore their respective data. Archives can be kept separate if required, but still accessed via the same browser interface. File Archives of any kind gain ease of use and manageability.

P5 Archive scales easily when storage needs grow. P5 Archive supports disk, tape and cloud storage. When cost-effectiveness is crucial, LTO tape - using single tape drives or tape libraries - is the most attractive option with LTO-6 at 10 USD/EUR per TB.

P5 Archive Restore Catalogue

Having one solution for the A-B-C of data management, Archive, Backup and Cloning, reduces effort and allows driving complex setups with limited manpower. Since Archiware P5 runs on macOS, Linux and Windows, later migrations to another server platform are easy and well supported with P5. Cost efficiency for data management is key in science, since funds should really be allocated for research, not adminsitration. Archiware P5 scales well at relatively low cost for the feature set offered.