Maximum Storage Capacity & Data Security


With the rapidly increasing popularity of NAS storage, the need to back up and archive files on a NAS becomes more pressing. QNAP, Overland Tandberg RDX & Archiware P5 provide the optimal solution for utmost data security.


  • Browse Media with Previews/Proxies
  • Add & Search Metadata anywhere, anytime 
  • Runs on all platforms (Mac, Win, Linux, Free BSD)
  • Saves online storage space thanks to easy archiving
  • Long-term Storage on Tape, Disk, RDX or Cloud
  • One browser interface for all modules

QNAP’s cutting-edge NAS ranks amongst the most efficient and flexible. It improves data management with its ease-of-use, robust operation and large storage capacity. Business data is quickly stored and accessed, with additional integrated technologies and services included. In addition, the functionality of a QNAP NAS can easily be expanded by applications that run on the QNAP device itself.

Archiware P5 offers professional backup and archive functionalities for data stored on the QNAP NAS device. Using P5 Backup and P5 Archive, data can be stored offline at a different location for optimal medium- and long-term security.

This is enabled by the RDX removable media, which is available as a built-in option for TVS-882BRT3 or TVS-882BR.

Overland-Tandberg’s RDX is the most popular removable disk system available. Contrary to Cloud services, using an RDX for off-site storage provides the user with full control over the data. Independence of bandwidth and availability of any online service adds to the benefits. In case of restore, savings become even greater compared to the Cloud.

Archive and Backup with QNAP and Overland-Tandberg

A QNAP NAS can easily be equipped with an RDX to provide removable backup and archive storage within the device itself. Using P5 Backup, a copy of the data is created and stored on the QNAP system, which can quickly be moved offsite for maximum protection. 

Similarly, archiving files that are required for reference, re-purposing or compliance reasons also becomes extremely simple. P5 Archive keeps a catalog of files available for reference, including thumbnails, media previews and searchable metadata.

RDX cartridges are available in disk and SSD version from 128GB to 4TB.

The P5 Archive metadata and preview catalogue