Transcoding previews in the archive index

Download the Script

When archiving e.g. HD video changing resolution and codec of the preview file can create a smaller archive index. This example uses qt_tools to demonstrate the process. Of course other tools like Compressor or Episode can also be used.

The result of this example is generation of H.264 and AAC ISO MPEG-4 files (.mp4, mp4a). In the scripts the length of the preview is set to 120sec but can be changed there. The preview files will temporarily be stored at /PresSTORE_Proxies/output P4 picks them up from there and deletes them afterwords.

  1. Install qt-tools
  2. Put in root directory (/) and un-zip
  3. Put the copy of the files (alt-drag) in /usr/local/bin (if there is no bin directory create one: mkdir bin)
  4. In P4 Archive got to Archive-Plan/Preview Generation enter scripts as follows:
  • For Audio files (.AIF etc): /usr/local/bin/PresSTORE_Proxies/scripts/
  • For Video files ( .mov): /usr/local/bin/PresSTORE_Proxies/scripts/
  • Set timeout value to at least 120 sec or above the time needed to transcode one asset.

Author: Ron Pfister, Halimedia