Securing Data in Video & Broadcast

Securing Data in Video & Broadcast

The challenge of managing and securing fast growing data sets is a lot easier with PresSTORE P4. It lets you clone, backup or archive your valuable production data.

Depending on you requirements there are multiple solutions:

For time critical production storage, like Xsan, MetaSAN or other SAN systems, P4 Synchronize is the ideal solution. Cloning your primary storage gives you a secondary storage that can easily take over production if something goes wrong.

To increase retention time and add off-site storage for maximum security, P4 Backup is used. Combined with P4 Synchronize, this gives you a Disk2Disk2Tape workflow solution.

Long-term storage with maximum security, off-site storage at an unbeatable price per TB is achieved through P4 Archive. Searchable metadata fields and customizable previews of media is part of its benefits.

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