We love P4 Archive

January 3, 2013 – We love P4 Archive. We think it is a unique product within its market that will get more and more attention in the years to come.  But we have also noticed that archiving can sometimes be an uncomfortable topic. Why are some people not as excited about archive as others?

We think there is one simple explanation. People are pushing the topic off until later, even though they know it is a pressing topic. The reason they do this is because archiving seems to be such a huge project that you never get around to starting it. Understanding when files should be archived, what meta data you need for it and what rules one should apply, seems to be too tough to think through.

So here is the good news: We know which questions to ask. We know how you can setup the perfect archive for every environment. We feel that once we teach you the right questions and help you find the answers to them, you will love archiving as much as we do.

That’s why we have made it our goal for 2013 to make it all about P4 Archive. We want to show people what an archive is all about and how it can save tons of money.

So start getting excited about archive, because you will hear about it all year long…