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Digital Conversion of Film

by Blake Jones & Marc M. Batschkus With millions of hours of film in existence, there is always the need for a high quality scan so that the material may be re-purposed, re-distributed, referenced or monetised in any way. The longer analog media are stored the higher the risk that assets will be lost forever. Risk comes from multiple directions: hardware is vanishing that is needed to play specific media degradation through storage time and conditions misjudgement of the content, its importance and potential ongoing procrastination of digital conversion. To find out what material your films are made of and […]

Chesapeake Systems starts Podcast Series

September 3, 2012 – Our partner Chesapeake Systems has started a podcast series called “The Workflow Show”. In it they address trends and specific tech topics and guide through the field of digital workflows. The podcast is available on iTunes. About Chesapeake Systems: Chesapeake Systems integrates technology solutions for creative professionals in production, post, broadcast and new media. More information can be found on Chesapeake’s website.