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How to Simplify VMware Backups with Archiware Pure

by Archiware Staff Virtualization is a well-established, future-proof technology. It increases efficiency, reduces downtime and expands datacenter utilization. The IT industry relies on server virtualization to reduce costs and improve productivity. Now, it is also becoming an important trend in the Media and Entertainment business.

Archiving – the Big Picture. (Part 2)

by Marc M. Batschkus – Read part 1 – Implementing the Archive with P5 Archive Once you know the who, what and how, you can start looking at the details of your Archive implementation. Archive modes: There are three archive modes. Most people use manual archiving. A person (usually the admin) decides when to archive what and triggers the job. Alternatively, there is automatic or watch folder archiving. A watch folder is combined with a schedule and data is picked up accordingly. Depending on the workflow and load, that schedule can be anything from several times a day to once a month. […]

Archiving – the Big Picture. (Part 1)

by Marc M. Batschkus An Archive is many things to many people. From reference to re-purposing, from monetization to service for clients, there are many perspectives on what an Archive can be and do. Since the perspectives vary so much, a closer look can reveal the potential hidden in this ancient term. Archivum was the name the Romans gave buildings that stored scripture rolls which were no longer needed for daily affairs. Although we no longer use scripture rolls, the mechanism hasn´t changed much. The files we put in an Archive today are those that are no longer needed for daily production. This means […]

7 Tips for the Archiware Portal

– Hier finden Sie die deutsche Version dieses Artikels – – Read the Japanese Version on the website of Synergy KK, Archiware distributor in Japan –   by Elke Boomgaarden – edited on December 9th, 2016 – Potential customers wanting to test Archiware P5 need it. Customers already running an Archiware P5 installation use it. To resellers servicing Archiware customers, it offers great help for professional customer care: the Archiware Portal. Using the Archiware Portal, any task with regards to license management can be fulfilled comfortably online: from applying for a license key to managing software maintenance contracts to requesting a quote for a […]

7 Tipps zum Archiware Portal

von Elke Boomgaarden – aktualisiert am 9. Dezember 2016 – Interessenten, die unsere Backup- und Datenmanagement-Software Archiware P5 ausführlich testen möchten, benötigen es. Kunden, die bereits eine Archiware-Installation haben, nutzen es. Und Händlern, die Archiware-Kunden betreuen, bietet es eine große Hilfe für eine professionelle Betreuung: das Archiware Portal. Über das Archiware Portal lässt sich alles rund um das Lizenzmanagement komfortabel online erledigen: von der Beantragung von Lizenzschlüsseln über die Verwaltung der Software-Wartungs-Vereinbarungen bis hin zum Anfordern von Angeboten für Kundeninstallationen – um nur ein paar Punkte zu nennen. Dieser Spotlight-Artikel stellt das Archiware Portal vor und gibt einen Überblick über […]