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Get Your Head Out of the Cloud Part 3: Final Words on the Cloud

September 20, 2011 – Backup is essentially a type of insurance – insurance against the loss of data. Your backup provider is providing the regular SAVING of your data as the insurance benefit. But you also need a guarantee for RESTORING your data. This is a critical, but often overlooked point. In an emergency you need your data right away, or at least within a short time frame, but no backup provider can realistically guarantee this, since anything outside of their own infrastructure is not under their control or responsibility. Everyone has experienced fluctuations in transfer speeds in personal, non-critical […]

Get Your Head Out of the Cloud Part 2: Cloud Backup vs. Local Backup

September 8, 2011 – Does data backup to the Cloud make sense and is it technically feasible? Consider these two important factors: (1) How much data must be saved each day or night and (2) What type of Internet connection is available? Example: You have 20GB of modified or new data per day. Your uploading speed is 8 Mbit/sec (1 MB/sec). You will need approximately six hours for the transfer of your data. Because the backup would overload the Internet connection during the day, the backup process should only be active in the nighttime. If the backup takes too long, the […]

Get Your Head Out of the Cloud Part 1: Our Take on Cloud Computing

September 1, 2011 – When we open our browsers in the morning for the latest news from the tech world, there is one topic that constantly follows us around. The Cloud. The Cloud has opened the door to many new services that we have come to love, and that are making our lives easier. We wouldn’t want to do without our Basecamp, Campaign Monitor or Google Docs, and we are thankful for being able to access them from anywhere we want. But not all services make sense in the Cloud, at least at the moment. One of them is data […]