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Media Asset Management Systems

June 11, 2013 – Even though archiving is important in almost all industries, there is one that couldn’t avoid the topic even if it tried. I am talking about the digital media industry. The volume of data created in this field and the prices of primary storage make archiving not just an option, but a must.  In the digital media industry, data is often organized in Media Asset Management (MAM) Systems. There are countless one of them out there, some very complex, some a little more easy to use. What MAM you are using depends mostly on your workflow requirements and the […]

CatDV and P4 Archive Integration

March 21, 2012 – After Apple announced that it would discontinue Final Cut Server, the search began for a good replacement. In many cases, the solution is CatDV by Square Box Systems. CatDV has become a very popular asset management system. It can provide entire video workgroups with a DAM and automation solution. Now there is an improved way to connect CatDV to P4 Archive, called Castor. This will help you connect your asset management to a tape storage system. Castor is a script package that ties P4 to CatDV. More information about this great tool can be found at our […]