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Why P5 on FreeBSD?

– Scroll down for German version – by Josef Doods For years now, we have been asked which platform is best suited for our products. In the past, this question was easily answered, as Mac OS X fulfilled virtually all requirements for being recommended. Sure, there were a few weaknesses, such as the slightly aged HFS+ file system. But here, too, Apple was giving off signs of improvement with the integration of ZFS, but then it was never implemented. But in 2008, everything seemed to happen all at once and out of the blue. Apple was gradually pulling out of […]

Windows & Daylight Saving Time

by Ibrahim Tannir October 31, 2014 – As some people may have noticed on their Windows installations, following the switch back from the daylight saving time (DST), P4 & P5 ran all the backup plans as if it was doing a full backup, regardless of the plan’s configured backup level. This behavior is due to a bug in Microsoft’s basic ANSI/ISO compatibility package, that for some reason does not consider the daylight saving time. The consequence of this bug, is that all the files in the file system appear to have changed their modifications (and other) times. Since P4/P5 checks […]