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Digital Conversion of Film

by Blake Jones & Marc M. Batschkus With millions of hours of film in existence, there is always the need for a high quality scan so that the material may be re-purposed, re-distributed, referenced or monetised in any way. The longer analog media are stored the higher the risk that assets will be lost forever. Risk comes from multiple directions: hardware is vanishing that is needed to play specific media degradation through storage time and conditions misjudgement of the content, its importance and potential ongoing procrastination of digital conversion. To find out what material your films are made of and […]

Scripts for PresSTORE P4

November 22, 2012 – About a year ago, we decided to put together a website with P4 scripts. This site features the work of our partners, as well as some of our own techs. This is the website with our sample scripts. The goal of this site is to show the functionality and logic of such scripting and to save system integrators some time. Many of our close partners have written scripts for very specific purposes.  One example is the PresSTORE Media Converter 3 by ToolsOnAir, an enhanced preview generator for P4. Another great example is Castor, a script package […]

Chesapeake Systems starts Podcast Series

September 3, 2012 – Our partner Chesapeake Systems has started a podcast series called “The Workflow Show”. In it they address trends and specific tech topics and guide through the field of digital workflows. The podcast is available on iTunes. About Chesapeake Systems: Chesapeake Systems integrates technology solutions for creative professionals in production, post, broadcast and new media. More information can be found on Chesapeake’s website.

CatDV and P4 Archive Integration

March 21, 2012 – After Apple announced that it would discontinue Final Cut Server, the search began for a good replacement. In many cases, the solution is CatDV by Square Box Systems. CatDV has become a very popular asset management system. It can provide entire video workgroups with a DAM and automation solution. Now there is an improved way to connect CatDV to P4 Archive, called Castor. This will help you connect your asset management to a tape storage system. Castor is a script package that ties P4 to CatDV. More information about this great tool can be found at our […]

P4 Training MasterClass

March 19, 2012 – Our English distributor JPY runs regular technical trainings for their P4 reseller network. They have recorded a training session and made it available as a free web-resource. In the P4 MasterClass you’ll learn how to install, configure and troubleshoot P4 via a collection of HD videos. Join David Fox as he presents a training course to engineers from UK resellers, including live demos, questions from the audience and whiteboard explanations. Videos available at

First Steps

August 5, 2011 – We are starting a blog because we think it’s the best place to share our opinion on topics we care about. Posts will be inspired by questions from customers, real world experiences from our developers, or just stuff we want to share with the world. Hope you enjoy reading it!