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Windows & Daylight Saving Time

by Ibrahim Tannir October 31, 2014 – As some people may have noticed on their Windows installations, following the switch back from the daylight saving time (DST), P4 & P5 ran all the backup plans as if it was doing a full backup, regardless of the plan’s configured backup level. This behavior is due to a bug in Microsoft’s basic ANSI/ISO compatibility package, that for some reason does not consider the daylight saving time. The consequence of this bug, is that all the files in the file system appear to have changed their modifications (and other) times. Since P4/P5 checks […]

Tape-Drive Cleaning

February 4, 2013 – Disk and tape drives both use a thin magnetic film layer to store Bits of your data, which are impressed on this film via a magnetic read/write head. A disk drive is produced in a super-clean dust-free environment and the disks that are coated with the magnetic film are enclosed in a hermetically sealed encapsulation. While reading or writing data, the disks are quickly spinning and the magnetic heads are not in direct contact with the disks, but are separated by a thin layer of air in between. In contrast, the tape drive’s head and the […]

To Backup or to Archive, That is the Question!

December 3, 2012 – PresSTORE comes with a Backup and an Archive module. Both can use tape to save a copy of the data offline. So what exactly is the difference then? To Backup means to create a safety copy. Ideally, one will never need to use this copy. However, equipment fails and accidents happen. That is when you need to reach for the backup and recover either parts or all of your data. Accidents are generally twofold, either the online hardware fails and data in its most recent state that needs to be recovered gets lost, or the data […]

On the LTFS Experience Part 2

July 31, 2012 – LTFS makes the LTO technology accessible to a broader audience. However, if you plan to use it like a file system on a disk, you will end up being disappointed. To make the most of this technology, you need a basic understanding of how it works. The pitfalls of the LTFS technology are already described in its name: Linear Tape File System. The keyword here is “Linear”. The one major drawback of tape technology is its linearity. In other words, it takes time to position the tape to a certain point. Then it takes more time […]

On the LTFS Experience Part 1

July 11, 2012 – LTFS¬†has become a buzzword in the storage community in the last couple of years. Everybody seems to be excited about it.¬†Nevertheless, only a few have tried it out themselves, and of those even fewer can talk of success. Driven by this trend, we decided to give LTFS a go and see how we can use and integrate this technology into PresSTORE and make it easier for the not-so-knowledgeable user to employ. The only remaining tape technology that has survived over the years and proven itself through reliability and speed is LTO. Historically, even the very first […]