Archiving – the Big Picture. (Part 2)

by Marc M. Batschkus – Read part 1 – Implementing the Archive with P5 Archive Once you know the who, what and how, you can start looking at the details of your Archive implementation. Archive modes: There are three archive modes. Most people use manual archiving. A person (usually the admin) decides when to archive what and triggers the job. Alternatively, there is automatic or watch folder archiving. A watch folder is combined with a schedule and data is picked up accordingly. Depending on the workflow and load, that schedule can be anything from several times a day to once a month. […]

Archiving – the Big Picture. (Part 1)

by Marc M. Batschkus An Archive is many things to many people. From reference to re-purposing, from monetization to service for clients, there are many perspectives on what an Archive can be and do. Since the perspectives vary so much, a closer look can reveal the potential hidden in this ancient term. Archivum was the name the Romans gave buildings that stored scripture rolls which were no longer needed for daily affairs. Although we no longer use scripture rolls, the mechanism hasn´t changed much. The files we put in an Archive today are those that are no longer needed for daily production. This means […]

Tape versus Optical Storage for Archive

by Marc M. Batschkus In the video industry, there is a long history of using optical media for recording and archiving clips. This is due to the fact that years ago, CD-R and later DVD-R were the only media with sufficient capacity and an attractive price point to store video files for long-term. Additionally, camera vendors integrated optical storage in their cameras. This has not been the case in other industries where optical storage is rarely found. For many, optical storage seems like a realistic option today to archive their files. Since archiving files implies a long-term perspective, a closer […]

Digital Conversion of Film

by Blake Jones & Marc M. Batschkus With millions of hours of film in existence, there is always the need for a high quality scan so that the material may be re-purposed, re-distributed, referenced or monetised in any way. The longer analog media are stored the higher the risk that assets will be lost forever. Risk comes from multiple directions: hardware is vanishing that is needed to play specific media degradation through storage time and conditions misjudgement of the content, its importance and potential ongoing procrastination of digital conversion. To find out what material your films are made of and […]

7 Tips for the Archiware Portal

– Hier finden Sie die deutsche Version dieses Artikels – – Read the Japanese Version on the website of Synergy KK, Archiware distributor in Japan –   by Elke Boomgaarden – edited on December 9th, 2016 – Potential customers wanting to test Archiware P5 need it. Customers already running an Archiware P5 installation use it. To resellers servicing Archiware customers, it offers great help for professional customer care: the Archiware Portal. Using the Archiware Portal, any task with regards to license management can be fulfilled comfortably online: from applying for a license key to managing software maintenance contracts to requesting a quote for a […]

7 Tipps zum Archiware Portal

von Elke Boomgaarden – aktualisiert am 9. Dezember 2016 – Interessenten, die unsere Backup- und Datenmanagement-Software Archiware P5 ausführlich testen möchten, benötigen es. Kunden, die bereits eine Archiware-Installation haben, nutzen es. Und Händlern, die Archiware-Kunden betreuen, bietet es eine große Hilfe für eine professionelle Betreuung: das Archiware Portal. Über das Archiware Portal lässt sich alles rund um das Lizenzmanagement komfortabel online erledigen: von der Beantragung von Lizenzschlüsseln über die Verwaltung der Software-Wartungs-Vereinbarungen bis hin zum Anfordern von Angeboten für Kundeninstallationen – um nur ein paar Punkte zu nennen. Dieser Spotlight-Artikel stellt das Archiware Portal vor und gibt einen Überblick über […]

Disk-to-Disk-to-Tape strategies

by André Kühnemund   When data security is key, a simple backup may not be enough to ensure data is available at all times, while a data sync does not offer long retention times and safe offsite storage. The solution is simple: Combine Archiware P5 Synchronize and P5 Backup for a Disk-to-Disk-to-Tape strategy and have the best of both worlds: immediate availability AND security. Backup to Disk to Tape (D2D2T) using P5 Synchronize and P5 Backup is a good way to leverage the advantages of both – some of which are: P5 Synchronize: Fast disk-to-disk copying of data Ability to maintain multiple file system snapshots […]

Build Your Own Archiware Appliance

by Josef Doods In this article, we are going to show you how easy it is to build your own Archiware P5 Appliance. To do this, we are using an HP ProLiant MicroServer and FreeNAS as an Open Source operating system. FreeNAS ist based on FreeBSD and is a free operating system for Network Attached Storage. Of course, its field of application is by no means limited to P5. Particularly as a file, print or media server, FreeNAS enjoys great popularity. Our main criterion for choosing the hardware for the P5 Appliance was worldwide availability. The goal being to configure a P5 […]

Build Your Own Archiware P5 Appliance – German

von Josef Doods In diesem Beitrag zeigen wir Ihnen, wie einfach es ist, eine eigene Archiware P5 Appliance zu bauen. Dazu verwenden wir einen HP ProLiant MicroServer und FreeNAS als Open Source-Betriebssystem. FreeNAS basiert auf FreeBSD und ist ein freies Betriebssystem für Network Attached Storage. Das Einsatzgebiet ist natürlich nicht auf P5 begrenzt. Insbesondere als File-, Print- und Medienserver erfreut sich FreeNAS großer Beliebtheit.   Das Hauptkriterium bei der Auswahl des Hardware-Herstellers für das Projekt „P5 Appliance“ ist für uns die weltweite Verfügbarkeit der Hardware. Unser Ziel ist es, eine P5 Appliance zu konfigurieren, die überall genauso nachgebaut werden kann. Nachfolgend die Anforderungen an die Hardware im Einzelnen: weltweite Verfügbarkeit und Service niedrige Geräusch- und Wärmeemission […]

Why P5 on FreeBSD?

– Scroll down for German version – by Josef Doods For years now, we have been asked which platform is best suited for our products. In the past, this question was easily answered, as Mac OS X fulfilled virtually all requirements for being recommended. Sure, there were a few weaknesses, such as the slightly aged HFS+ file system. But here, too, Apple was giving off signs of improvement with the integration of ZFS, but then it was never implemented. But in 2008, everything seemed to happen all at once and out of the blue. Apple was gradually pulling out of […]

Windows & Daylight Saving Time

by Ibrahim Tannir October 31, 2014 – As some people may have noticed on their Windows installations, following the switch back from the daylight saving time (DST), P4 & P5 ran all the backup plans as if it was doing a full backup, regardless of the plan’s configured backup level. This behavior is due to a bug in Microsoft’s basic ANSI/ISO compatibility package, that for some reason does not consider the daylight saving time. The consequence of this bug, is that all the files in the file system appear to have changed their modifications (and other) times. Since P4/P5 checks […]

P5 and NAS

by Sven Köster What is a NAS August 11, 2014 – The term NAS (network attached storage) is used by vendors in a broad sense. There are low class NAS systems that are not up to the job of providing professional backup quality, performance and capacity wise, but there are professional NAS systems as well that are. Connecting to a NAS One of the most important factors with a NAS is how it is connected to the host. It is clear that the Network attached storage is attached via the Network, but … The ideal way for high data loads […]

PROMISE Pegasus J2 SSD_small

Boost index performance through SSD

Jan 17, 2014 – SSD ’s (solid-state drives) have become more widespread in the storage world, mainly because of their lower access time and latency. This gives them an advantage compared to regular hard drives and make them particularly useful for hosting P5 Backup and Archive indices. We have been using Elgato’s Thunderbolt SSD as well as the PROMISE Pegasus J2 during our VideoVisions tour and have seen how well this can work, even in a desktop Archive setup. Improve P5 Backup & P5 Archive performance Backup and Archive indices are at the heart of the P5’s functionality. The index manages all […]

Media Asset Management Systems

June 11, 2013 – Even though archiving is important in almost all industries, there is one that couldn’t avoid the topic even if it tried. I am talking about the digital media industry. The volume of data created in this field and the prices of primary storage make archiving not just an option, but a must.  In the digital media industry, data is often organized in Media Asset Management (MAM) Systems. There are countless one of them out there, some very complex, some a little more easy to use. What MAM you are using depends mostly on your workflow requirements and the […]

Scripts for PresSTORE P4

April 19, 2013 – About a year ago, we decided to put together a website with P4 scripts.  This site features the work of our partners, as well as some of our own techs. This is the site with our sample scripts. The goal of this site is to show the functionality and logic of such scripting and to save system integrators time by not having to reinvent the wheel. Many of our close partners have written scripts for very specific purposes.  One example is the PresSTORE Media Converter 3 by ToolsOnAir, an enhanced preview generator for P4. Another great […]

Tape-Drive Cleaning

February 4, 2013 – Disk and tape drives both use a thin magnetic film layer to store Bits of your data, which are impressed on this film via a magnetic read/write head. A disk drive is produced in a super-clean dust-free environment and the disks that are coated with the magnetic film are enclosed in a hermetically sealed encapsulation. While reading or writing data, the disks are quickly spinning and the magnetic heads are not in direct contact with the disks, but are separated by a thin layer of air in between. In contrast, the tape drive’s head and the […]

We love P4 Archive

January 3, 2013 – We love P4 Archive. We think it is a unique product within its market that will get more and more attention in the years to come.  But we have also noticed that archiving can sometimes be an uncomfortable topic. Why are some people not as excited about archive as others? We think there is one simple explanation. People are pushing the topic off until later, even though they know it is a pressing topic. The reason they do this is because archiving seems to be such a huge project that you never get around to starting […]

To Backup or to Archive, That is the Question!

December 3, 2012 – PresSTORE comes with a Backup and an Archive module. Both can use tape to save a copy of the data offline. So what exactly is the difference then? To Backup means to create a safety copy. Ideally, one will never need to use this copy. However, equipment fails and accidents happen. That is when you need to reach for the backup and recover either parts or all of your data. Accidents are generally twofold, either the online hardware fails and data in its most recent state that needs to be recovered gets lost, or the data […]

Scripts for PresSTORE P4

November 22, 2012 – About a year ago, we decided to put together a website with P4 scripts. This site features the work of our partners, as well as some of our own techs. This is the website with our sample scripts. The goal of this site is to show the functionality and logic of such scripting and to save system integrators some time. Many of our close partners have written scripts for very specific purposes.  One example is the PresSTORE Media Converter 3 by ToolsOnAir, an enhanced preview generator for P4. Another great example is Castor, a script package […]